Monday, November 22, 2004

Green Energy Marketing

Only about 1% of U.S. electricity customers purchase Green Energy through voluntary programs (like Green-e).

Most Advocates of Green Energy state that this extremely low participation rate is simply a matter of needing "better consumer education" through marketing. But is this correct?

Marketing Research conducted by Roper & Associates indicates that the high price premium (about 25% above the cost of electricity produced from fossil fuels) explains the very low customer participation rates -- especially in the Southern U.S.

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Anonymous said...

Single biggest impediment to renewable energy is still that we do not have any means for valuing the huge externatiliites and thus true cost of Oil, Coal, Natural Gas and Nuclear to our society when you account for all of their subsidies in healty care, miliary, tax benefits, etc.
Also, a key reason for the lowest percentage in the Southern US is that utiliies have actually blocked many viable approaches to capitalize on the huge amount of biomass available, refusing to put a serious program togetehr. Most SE utilities still view renewable as an irritant to their real business of generating with coal and nuclear.